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Secret Box Mockup

Secret Box Mockup

Number of components: 190

Estimated assembly time: 4-5 hours

Medium level

More information by WhatsApp if required.

Through the careful sculpting of the lid and sides of the box you will be able to glimpse the secret hidden in the gears, although only if you can solve the mysteries of the puzzle box will you be able to fully enjoy its jewel: the magnificent mechanism in action.

As you might imagine, a key is needed to open the chest – and there it is, magnificently embedded in the carved lid. To remove it, just turn it slightly clockwise. Now, getting the key is only part of the puzzle. Before removing the key, you must turn it counterclockwise to unlock the lid lifting mechanism and thus set the gears in motion.

The intricate, layered and sculpted design of the box allows you to observe the mechanism at work, while you solve its puzzle step by step.

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  • Envío 48/72h
  • 30días devolución
  • Hand made
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  • Quality throughout the process

    High quality artisanal item made in Italy, through a careful manufacturing process where the quality of the product and its exclusive design prevail.
  • Creativity and design

    Designed so that fantasy reaches every home, with various characters and animals that will excite the little ones.